Best Convection Microwave For 2022 – 4 Premium Brand Convection Microwave Reviews

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What is a Convection Microwave?

Updated for 2022. A convection microwave is a popular household appliance that combines the functions of a conventional microwave oven and that of a convection oven – that is you can feel the heat unlike with microwave cooking alone.

This appliance has recently become common to many households because it allows faster cooking of foods and at the same time makes food look brown and crispy. It makes food look more delicious and less insipid. Here’s some more information on this.

Popularity has reduced the average price

Given such features, this type of microwave used to be quite expensive but its popularity has eventually caused a significant drop in price. Due to this, more consumers are now looking for good reliable models to purchase. To assist these buyers, the features and benefits of four of the best convection microwave ovens in the market are discussed in these convection microwave reviews. All the combination models here are for locating on a countertop.

Though the focus of these convection microwave reviews is the actual convection aspect it’s also fair to say that some of these products are also the best microwave 2018 options.

1. Cuisinart CMW-200 1.2 Cubic Foot Convection Microwave Oven with Grill – Superb warranty and convenient preset options

The Cuisinart CMW-200 1.2 Cubic Foot Convection Microwave Oven with Grill is one of the most in-demand models in its class. It is offered at under $230 which is great value considering the RRP is almost double at $450.

The Cuisinart has dimensions of 26 x 17.5 x 23.7 inches and a weight of about 38 pounds.

Incorporates a multi-stage cooking mechanism

It has a modern, attractive design that will suit most kitchen layouts and is made of brush stainless steel with a black frame. The product features a multi-stage cooking mechanism and is equipped with a sleek control panel that houses the main controls with useful preset buttons such as ‘roast chicken’, ‘pizza’ and ‘cake’.


  • Made of brushed stainless steel
  • Reasonably compact and lightweight
  • Provides up to 1000 Watts of microwave cooking power and a grill
  • Offers a 1.2-cubic foot interior, can easily accommodate a family chicken
  • Equipped with a 12-inch rotating glass dish
  • Comes with an intuitive touchpad control panel along with 9 preset options
  • Can defrost according to weight or time
  • Offered with a reversible grill rack
  • Sold at an affordable price
  • Backed by a 3-year limited warranty


  • The turntable can squeel a little in use
  • Good browning of food can take a little time
  • While the warranty covers parts you will have to foot the cost of returning to the manufacturer
  • Can slide a little when opening the microwave door

Product Verdict

The Cuisinart CMW-200 1.2 Cubic Foot Convection Microwave Oven with Grill is a good buy with lots of very positive reviews on Amazon. It is sold at a fraction of the RRP at the moment and offers a long list of convenient advanced features that makes cooking a doddle.

The best warranty on test

The unit is also backed by a good 3-year limited warranty, an offer which is quite rare these days. Only GE offer better guarantees than Cuisinart. Just bear in mind that should you need the warranty, which is unlikely, you will have to return to the manufacturer or local dealer.

Overall a very attractive option.

2. Samsung MC11K7035CG 1.1 cu. ft. Countertop Power Convection Microwave Oven – Easy to clean interior and a true jack of all trades

The Samsung MC11K7035CG Countertop Convection Microwave is a bestselling product. It is sold for under $300 and has dimensions of 20.5 x 19.9 x 12.1 inches and weighs about 44.1 pounds, this means it won’t easily slide across the counter like the Cuisinart model. It is made of premium black stainless steel and has a durable construction.

Good for crispy top pizza

The product is designed as an all-in-one appliance with the capacity to roast, toast and broil foods with ease. It is equipped with a ceramic plate-equipped grilling element that allows it to be used for preparing foods that require a crispy top such as pizza, there’s nothing worse than microwave only cooked pizza.

Its interior is also made of ceramic enamel that makes the microwave scratch resistant and far easier to clean. This is especially true when convection cooking as food splashes get baked onto the interior. Not so with this Samsung grease and food splashes wipes of more easily.

Slim Fry technology for perfect french fries

The Samsung MC11K7035CG also comes with Slim Fry technology that makes it capable of preparing healthy and great-tasting food without the need to use oil. Slim Fry basically circulates hot air inside the microwave to reach all around the food this means you get even crisping not just to the top of the dish. With this technology you can even cook perfect french fries in a fraction of the time.

Increased power thanks to customer feedback

Over it’s predecessor model that the Samsung was based on the power rating has been increased from 1000 to 1300 watts. Customers who bought the old version complained that the unit did not live up to claimed cooking times. The increase on the new version means the Samsung hits those times.

Built in Eco Mode

While we’re on the subject of energy the Samsung also incorporates an Eco Mode. All appliances use some energy even in standby mode. By activating Eco Mode the unit turns off the display and other background functions that aren’t required when not in use. On it’s own this isn’t going to save a ton of energy or money annually but as part of a larger lifestyle choice it will help.


  • Made of attractive black stainless steel
  • Can cook, toast, microwave and broil faster – a true jack of all trades
  • Features Slim Fry technology to circulate hot air for crisping foods efficiently
  • Equipped with a grilling element and ceramic plate
  • Comes with a drop-down door design and 1.1 cubic feet capacity
  • Equipped with 10 power levels and an LED display
  • Provides 1300 Watts of cooking power
  • Easy to clean and scratch resistant due to the ceramic lined interior
  • Handy Eco Mode for conserving energy


  • Depending on the function being used it can be a little noisy
  • Needs clearance around the product to breath otherwise it can get too hot and auto shut down to protect itself – this is not unusual but should be considered if you have limited space

Product Verdict

The Samsung MC11K7035CG Countertop Convection Microwave is definitely a good buy. At a decent price, the product comes with a durable construction, stainless exterior and ceramic enamel scratch resistant interior that’s a breeze to clean. It is also equipped with ten power levels, decent interior volume and a unique drop-down door design.

Lots of tech crammed in

The manufacturer has done all it can to cram in lots of technology for a decent price making the Samsung is a very capable product that could well be your main cooking appliance. It does require a little room around it so that air can be drawn in and heat can escape, which is fair enough.

The drop down style door will also prove to be a bonus for some buyers but unusual for some. A true jack of all trades and if it wasn’t for the Breville model would surely be the best convection microwave in this test.

3. Sharp R-930AK 1-1/2-Cubic Feet 900-Watt Convection Microwave, White – Great features from a trusted brand

The Sharp R-930AK 1-1/2-Cubic Feet 900-Watt Convection Microwave in White is a popular model in its class. It is presently sold at a price of roughly $445 with dimensions of 24.6×19.1×14.9 inches and weighs about 60 pounds.

The product is made of high-grade metal and has a solid construction. Its interior is made of premium stainless steel which makes cleaning the microwave relatively easy though not quite as easy as with the Samsung’s ceramic enamel interior.

Sensor system takes the guess work out of cooking times

The product is equipped with a 15-3/8 inch turntable which is responsible for providing evenly heated foods. The convection system used in this product is also designed to provide thorough roasting, browning and baking. Its sensor system is also good in determining the proper power level, reheating time and cooking time of foods thus eliminating the guesswork.


  • Made of high-grade metal along with a solid construction
  • Comes with a user-friendly 7-digit, 2-color interactive display
  • Provides up to 1.5 cubic feet of space and 900 Watts of cooking power
  • Equipped with 11 variable power levels
  • Comes with a defrost mode that eliminates cold spots in food when thawed
  • Equipped with the CompuBroil, CompuBake and CompuRoast technologies
  • Sold with high and low racks
  • Equipped with Smart and Easy sensor settings
  • Sold with a 1-year limited warranty


  • Some issues with the turntable motor coping with heavier food items
  • The door latch can become misaligned
  • Exterior is not made of stainless steel
  • Relatively heavy
  • Quite expensive but you get what you pay for

Product Verdict

The Sharp R-930AK 1-1/2-Cubic Feet 900-Watt Convection Microwave is a good option for buyers with who have a high budget and want a quality trusted brand that has vast experience with Microwaves. It has a higher price, but is packed with all the advanced features and convenient functionalities that a convection microwave could be expected to provide. In addition to that, it comes with a 1-year limited warranty.

Somewhat dated aesthetics

On the downside this Sharp Carousel convection microwave looks very dated, models looking like this have been around for years, only the white somewhat masks the age of the design. Furthermore there are some reported issues with the motor and the quality of the gear parts. If you choose this unit the advice is not to put food stuffs in that are too heavy for the turntable. One or two users have also reported that the door can become misaligned through use, so go easy on the door when using.

4. Breville Quick Touch Crisp – Quite simply a game changer and the best on test

On paper the Breville Quick Touch Crisp could be a complete game changer for the microwave oven market. The Achilles heel of microwave ovens is the sogginess that makes a mush of otherwise good food. Whether cooking pies or pizza they never evenly cook throughout with the top more cooked than the bottom.

Crisper function makes perfect pizza

So does the Breville improve on standard convection microwaves? In short yes. The unit incorporates a crisper function. The included crisper pan lifts your pizza closer to the broiler element above and the pan below dissipates the heat evenly. Perfect for pizza, roast vegetables and pies.

More even cooking with Inverter technology

The Breville microwave oven also incorporates Inverter technology. In a conventional microwave in order to get the power down to 50% they basically turn the microwave on and off during the cooking period. Inverted technology means that the microwaves themselves are at 50% power resulting in more evenly cooked or defrosted food. Perfect for defrosting chicken fillets for instance.

The unit itself is very attractive indeed. It measures 20.1 x 16.8 x 12.3 inches and weighs 34 pounds. That’s lighter than some on test.

Smart controls work out the cooking time

The large LED display is easy to read and understand. Beneath it are the smart controls as well as those for selecting the time and weight. Press the smart control and select your weight and the microwave and convection oven timings are automatically worked out for cooking, reheating or defrosting. Further to that inside the door are a raft of useful preset functions for cooking bacon, grilled cheese sandwiches, baked potatoes, popcorn and even melting chocolate.


  • High quality finish and materials used throughout
  • Can be used for making foods as simple as toast and toasted sandwiches
  • Lots of convenient presets for foods such as popcorn, pizza and functions like melting chocolate
  • Relatively quiet in operation
  • Can even be used for drying herbs
  • Superior build quality
  • A large and intuitive display


  • Some people think the 900 watts power is a little too low
  • Difficult to see the food inside through the door

Product Verdict

This product really is a game changer in the microwave oven field. Only the Samsung comes near it in these reviews. The Breville Quick Touch Crisp however is just a far easier device to use, 2 to 3 touches and you’re cooking.

Handy ‘A Bit More’ button

A lot of users will also make use of the ‘A Bit More’ button, which adds a little more time without having to reprogram the whole cooking cycle. The display and build quality is also the best on test, yet this unit isn’t the most expensive here, quite simply this is the best convection microwave for 2018.

See how easy it is to operate the Breville by watching the brief video below.

So Of These 4 Which is The Best Convection Microwave ?

Of the four convection microwave reviews above all offer reasonable value and an extended feature set. If you’ve read the reviews above it will come as no surprise that we really rate the Breville Quck Touch Crisp and this claims the top spot in these reviews. It might be a mouthful to say but it’s a cinch to use. The large display, truly useful presets and smart cooking options make microwave cooking a pleasure. Buy one now before everyone else does.

The capable Samsung gets the runner up spot

The Samsung MC11K7035CG Countertop Convection Microwave claims the runner up spot with it’s easy clean enamel lining and full feature set including the environmentally friendly Eco Mode. What ever you want to cook the Samsung can handle it. The quirky drop down door might also clinch it for some buyers. A jack of all trades and the second best convection microwave oven in this test.

Affordable with a good guarantee

The Cuisinart CMW-200 takes third place among the four given it has a very affordable price and long list of advanced features. Furthermore the included 3 year guarantee is hard to beat but bear in mind you will need to pay for transport of the unit should a guarantee claim be required. We also like the embossed Cuisinart logo on the door front, that’s a nice touch of quality.

Higher cost and dated looks puts the Sharp in 4th place

The Sharp R-930AK 1-1/2-Cubic Feet 900-Watt Convection Microwave comes in last with its decent and competitive set of functionalities but at a higher cost than the other 3 at the time of review. This is still a good unit but the other models are better equipped and are less expensive.

The Sharp also looks a little dated when compared to the others, especially the Breville, particularly in terms of the control panel. If your kitchen is bang up to date then the looks of the Sharp might let it down. Still it is a reliable model and brand.

It’s fair to say these microwaves aren’t the cheapest. Unfortunately decent convection models with all that additional functionality and mechanics do cost more than a standard microwave.

Still we have recently reviewed these cheaper combi microwave options which might prove to be more cost effective alternatives if these models are beyond your budget.

Caring For Your Convection Microwave

Location and space around the unit

A conventional microwave needs room to breath but this is even more important with a convection model. The sides of the unit will become hot and the vents also need to be able to suck in cool air and expel warm air.

Don’t push it right back or butt up next to something on the countertop. Follow the manufacturers advice but also use a little common sense. You don’t want to position it next to something that could melt or become damaged. A dedicated microwave stand is always a good option.

Similar to the above don’t cover any vents on top of the microwave with paperwork, plates or kids stuff. Clutter accumulates in every kitchen, just don’t let it take root on top of the microwave. This stops the microwave from breathing and can be pose a fire hazard with a convection microwave.


Hands up who wants to clean their microwave? Me neither. The reality is though that you’ll get better performance and food will taste how you expect it to with regular cleaning. Removing stains from vents is essential.

A convection microwave will be used for roasting and baking so spills and splashes can get properly baked on. Read our cleaning tips here and here to help keep your oven tip top.

More expensive options include linings that are more easily cleaned. Making use of less abrasive, more natural cleaning fluids will also help you maintain your oven.


  1. I find that the surfaces of Cuisinart CMW-200 Convection Microwave Oven can get hot, especially when using the convection functionality. That’s so unsatisfied

  2. Catherine W Jones says:

    I made the huge mistake of buying the highly rated Cuisinart last July. It NEVER got to the correct temperature so I sent it to be repaired in May. When it was returned it was not even my oven. It was the same model but NOT mine. It was beat up and the handle was blue (mine was stainless) and the door would not open. They can not find my oven now. I am waiting for whatever they will do but I can’t believe this oven is rated best.

    • Hi Catherine,
      The Cuisinart is indeed a highly rated microwave. We’ve found it to be a great model as have many other review based websites and the many buyers on Amazon. It sounds like you had a real dud. Unfortunately this can happen with any mass produced item, just a shame that the follow up customer service hasn’t been great either so far. Lets hope they resolve this for you.

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