5 Of the Best Retro Microwaves: Modern Functionality Meets Nostalgic Styling

While style depends on individual taste, the retro or pastiche look is something that’s universally considered quite cool these days. From fashion to art, music, and attitudes, the retro trend has gripped almost every facet of life.

The retro microwave, with its smart appearance, is quite the in thing these days and the new-age microwave is as much about stylish looks as it is about functional efficiency. Take a look at five superb-looking stylishly designed microwave ovens to jazz up your kitchen.

1. Nostalgia Electrics RMO770RED Retro Series

Raking in the nostalgia factor, Nostalgia Electrics has come out with a unique retro series of microwaves designed to woo the visual senses, even though they satiate the taste buds through their excellent functional quality.

From its LED display to the digital clock, the RMO770RED has the best of features to make your kitchen countertop one of the most favored corners in your home. With its 12 pre-programmed features and 24-hour time display, it’s a gadget you’re going to love having around you.


  • Cooking power of 700 watts
  • Has five power levels for diversified range of cooking
  • Small footprint of 0.7 cubic foot
  • Has a separate popcorn setting


  • Cooking is somewhat slow at 700 watts
  • Door and cooking cavity are quite small
  • Setting the clock is a pain
  • Emits red smoke while cooking

Bring home the retro magic with the Nostalgia countertop microwave oven that’s built to North American electrical standards, and let yourself be enamored by its sleek retro design finished in red. It’s really a great buy if you’re looking for something more suitable for reheating rather than big-time cooking.

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2. Oster OGB81101

It’s an aesthetic piece in white that’s handsome enough to adorn any kitchen décor. The Oster 1.1 cubic feet looks sleek and smart with its digital timer and digital clock.

It’s perfect for both express cooking and weight defrosting. The 1-touch cooking function ensures simply the best of pizzas, potatoes, beverages, popcorn, and much more, to make life really beautiful and convenient.


  • Extremely powerful, with 1000 Watt of cooking power
  • 10 power levels enable customized cooking
  • 9 easy 1-touch cooking functions
  • Child lock to check misuse and ensure safety
  • Removable glass turntable is easy to use


  • Is on the larger side, hence not suitable for small kitchens
  • Display is small and not bright

The Oster, with its white body and white door, is sure to lend a clean and striking look to your kitchen. Operating the machine is amazingly simple, thanks to the detailed user manual, complete with all the dos and don’ts.

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3. Magic Chef MCD992R

The smart digital touch panel makes this a visual wonder for your kitchen. The magic of this model lies not just in its efficiency but also in its retro looks. An attractive red cabinet with red door is what gives the Magic Chef the excellent visual appeal it’s popular for.

  •         900 Watt of total power with 10 power levels
  •          Equipped with auto cook and auto defrost menus
  •          Kitchen timer to prevent over-cooking or burning of food
  •          Has a child lock for total safety


  • ·         Makes too much noise
  • ·         No reheat food selector, except for pizza
  • ·         Cabinet made of flimsy material

With the Magic Chef you can whip up any snack with perfect ease and no hassle. Small enough to fit into any kitchen, it’s a great machine to use and also to gift.

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4. RCA RMW1112-RED Red Countertop Microwave

Red is the color of energy, and at 1000 Watts the RCA exudes a whole lot of it. Red is also a color seeped in the retro, which is what makes this generous 1.1 cubic feet microwave a gloriously attractive thing to have around you.

The touchpad controls are just one appealing feature of this gadget; the digital clock and timer will contrast nicely against the red to make the microwave shine out as a singular object on your kitchen countertop.


  •          Comes with 10 power levels, with 6 program settings
  •          Defrosting by weight is a handy and quick function
  •          Perfect for full-range cooking, heating, defrosting
  •          Easy-to-use buttons


  • Inside light is a dim yellow
  • Unit tends to move if door is opened slowly
  • No troubleshooting section in owner’s manual

You’ll love the looks and the super efficiency of the RCA, which will make heating coffee or tea, preparing a full meal or simply defrosting, quite a breeze. From cooking bacon to softening ice cream, it’ll do it all to perfection, even as you savor its brilliant design and style. Definitely worth your money!

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5. Panasonic NN-SE982S Stainless 1250W

A stylish gadget for any contemporary kitchen, the Panasonic comes in a stainless steel body packed with an amazing inverter technology to deliver seamless cooking power.

The defrosting time is also speeded up by its advanced inverter turbo defrost system. It’s big (2.2 cubic feet) and suitable for virtually all kinds of cooking needs of a family. The 1250 Watt power ensures faster cooking.


  • Sensor adjusts power and time automatically for different foods
  • Electrostatic dial control is a sleek blue and easy to use
  • Has attractive 6-digit touch display
  • Uniform cooking and texture with inverter technology
  • Child safety lock for added protection


  • Door and latch are a bit flimsy
  • Electrostatic setting wheel somewhat difficult to use

A black window, set in a stainless steel backdrop, makes this a beautiful microwave for any kitchen. You’ll love the way the window color changes to grey mesh through light shining from the inside.

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The Verdict: The Best Retro Microwave

The retro microwave you should go for depends on your personal taste blended with your requirements. If it’s something small and compact you’re looking for, go for the Nostalgia Red to give energy to your small kitchen. If the hygienic white look is what you’d rather choose, try out the Oster, which is spacious and powerful enough to handle all your cooking needs.

Alternatively, you could weave magic into your kitchen with the Magic Chef, with its red door and red cabinet that’ll contrast well with your pastel walls. The RCA is another red option you may like if you want something that’s ideal for the complete range of cooking, heating and defrosting. The Panasonic NN-SE982S is, of course, a class apart and just the thing for a microwave connoisseur who wants something technologically superior as well as visually eye-catching.

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