15 Things You Should Never Put In The Microwave

If you’ve ever started a fire in your microwave know that you’re not alone. Microwaves although around for some time now are still a mystery to many of us. They heat food in a fraction of the time, but everything has its shortcomings.

A microwave can do so many great things from baking potatoes and cooking cakes in minutes as well as reheating leftover food. It seems like they can do “everything,” but guys, a microwave can’t handle all things. There are a few things that when heated in a microwave go berserk. To avoid messy or dangerous scenarios here are fifteen things not to microwave:

1. Eggs

Trying to boil eggs in a microwave causes it to explode due the pressure build up in the shell. The result a huge smelly mess. Instead boil your eggs in a pot on a stove.

2. Yogurt pots

These containers are made for one-time use and are not made to withstand high temperatures. Putting such containers in a microwave causes them to melt releasing potentially harmful chemicals into the food.

3. Grapes

Not sure why you would want to microwave grapes but apparently people do. Well they explode due to the high microwave temperatures.

4. Aluminum Foil

It is a metal which could easily spark or catch fire. In case you want to heat leftovers, remove the aluminum foil before heating.

5. Frozen Meat

Most microwave ovens will not evenly heat thick frozen meat, this leaves room for bacterial growth, which causes food poisoning. Meat should ideally be defrosted by leaving it in the refrigerator overnight.

6. Breast Milk

Frozen breast milk will be unevenly heated, and the hot spots would be too hot for little one. It could also destroy some of the immune boosting proteins due exposure to the high temperatures.

7. Chinese Takeaway Containers

Most takeaway containers contain metals which when heated in the microwaves can easily cause sparks and burst into flames.

8. Styrofoam Containers

These plastics when heated releases harmful chemicals into the food potentially leading to food poisoning.

9. Travel Mugs

Due to the metal coating of these mugs the beverage inside will not be heated. This metal can furthermore damage your microwave.

10. Paper Bags

On heating them, paper bags release toxins which can start a fire or also lead to food poisoning.

11. Chili Peppers

Again why would you want to… After heating upon opening the microwave the chemicals released can cause a burning effect to your eyes, ouch! They can also start a fire.

12. Plastic Containers

Plastics, when heated, can release harmful chemicals to your food which in turn could lead to food poisoning.

13. Common Brown Bags

These contain recycled materials, ink and glue which can emit toxic fumes when they are heated which are poisonous and harmful, the heat may also start a fire.

14. Rice

Raw rice contains traces of a bacterium known as Bacillus cereus if rice is slowly cooled and stored at room temperature this bacteria grows and produces toxins which lead to food poisoning.

15. Nothing

When there is nothing in the microwave to absorb the microwaves the microwaves have to go somewhere. Inevitably the microwave itself will get damaged.


Tip: In case you’re not sure if a food material can be heated in the microwave, you should consider other forms of heating up food or cooking to avoid fire or potential food poisoning.


A microwave heats and cooks food by exposing the moisture around food to microwave radiation. They have thus gained popularity for reheating previously cooked foods and cooking a variety of foods in a jiffy. However, even though these helpful appliances are making life easier, putting in the wrong foods or containers can lead to disastrous results, you have been warned!

Just in case you do any of the above or any similar foods you’ll also want to know how to clean your microwave and get it back to it’s former glory, find out here.

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